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New Services for Chronic Patients
Creating new ways to manage chronic patients’ health beyond hospitals and primary care centers
Patient adherence programs
Developing adherence interventions based on pathology requirements
Health 2.0
Patient Empowerment

Developing Health 2.0 websites and social networks to encourage participation and collaboration between patients, physicians, nurses and researchers
Smart Health Solutions
Big Data

Big Data techniques applied to handle large amounts of health data generated from medical devices and new health services
Creating the Hospital of the Future
Developing solutions that help hospitals in the process of "reinvention" needed to deal with the new realities of the health care system
Developing health management solutions for smartphones & tablets designed to suit every customer’s need

Who do we work for

Since 2002, when flowlab was established, we have had the opportunity to work for all the agents implicated in the Health Value Chain. This has given us a holistic view of the services. We work for health care providers (doctors, hospitals and pharmacies), intermediaries (health and mutual insurance companies), payers (regional health services, companies, patients themselves), manufacturers (telecom operators, manufacturers of medical monitors) and distributors.

flowlab is working on the development of telemedicine solutions covering all stages of the ‘Patient Journey’:

  •   • flowlab is working on the development of telemedicine solutions covering all stages of the ‘Patient Journey’:
  •   • screening - early detection of health conditions to reduce the impact of the disease itself
  •   • diagnosis – reduce underdiagnosis and increase process efficiency
  •   • treatment – new services, improvement in current ones to maximize efficiency and quality of life through empowerment, ubiquitous care and technology
  •   • Ongoing care - more and better information in real time

flowlab’s solutions are specific to pathology and health conditions: Diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2, COPD, Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Coronary Disease, Hypertension, Obesity and related health conditions, Kidney Failure, Nephropathies, Oncology, ADHD, among others

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